What I need to get started… 

I need photographs of your car and the more angles you can provide, the easier my job. Some cars are, for various reasons not available to be photographed anymore. If that is the case, an old photo or extremely good description may be used. I can use the background that is in the image supplied or I can create a background based or your or my imagination.

First you determine your size and your budget. Paintings start at $250.00 and climb to over $10,000. I don’t sacrifice quality for price . I work within your budget by balancing technique, style, size and detail level to create a painting that we’re both proud of and happy to show. References are available if you need them and sketches are included. It’s important that my customers feel secure throughout the entire process. If you have special contract requirements we can discuss them before I start.

Fifty percent of the agreed upon price is due before I begin painting. But not until after you approve the sketch. When your artwork is finished, it will be photographed and a copy will be sent to you for approval, at which time the balance plus shipping is due.
I also take pride in my custom packaging and secure shipping methods, with everything fully insured.

I know this sounds involved and time consuming, but it is all in an effort to instill confidence in your purchase. Many of my pieces are made as surprise gifts, so I know the importance of confidentiality. If that’s your intention, simply let me know and I will act accordingly.


To discuss any of his work or your own special project, Contact Larry today by using the form or by calling  770.924.5722

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